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Quick over-view of what our student career worksheets cover… networking, skills assessments, interviewing.

Overcoming Teenage Angst: Take a 2 Minute Listen!

How to Answer the Tough Interview Question!

How to Network: For Students

(Parents: Summer Activity Idea Imbedded!)  Take a Listen

7 Important Questions every Student Needs to Answer for Success. (Parent Prompts)

Hey Friends!

I wanted to do a quick intro and say hi.  Parent-to-parent, we are in this together!  My heart is to help your student, specifically in elements of education not taught in traditional school.

The young adult years are so challenging for them and us a parents.  Brains are growing and developing, rewiring and our young people are finding their own identity. They are asking the big questions on their singular purpose and how they fit into the bigger picture. It is a season where we seem them struggle and grow in so many ways.

We don’t want to see our most precious people struggle and fail, but know they are empowered and equipped  to learn, grow and adapt.

I hope you find the resources on this page helpful for both you and your student, in having them navigate life in high school and beyond!  Here’s to you and your student. May you all be confident in your purpose and impact those around you!

Please share your challenges and parenting wins with us!

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Are you struggling with a student that:

    • Can’t identify their strengths and weaknesses?
    • Doesn’t have a path beyond school?
    • Appears aimless and actionless?
    • Withdraws 
    • Doesn’t know how to chase their goals or dreams?
    • Doesn’t seem motivated at all? 
    • Doesn’t get call backs from resume to interview?
    • Doesn’t get the job offer beyond the interview?
    • Doesn’t know how to network?
    • Doesn’t know how to answer the hard interview questions?

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