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Classroom Tools

Bringing years of education experience in financial education and career development skills to you and your student!

Parent /Education Resources

As parents, we want to equip our childrent to be the best version of who they can be.  Our curricula  EXCEEDS PA financial literacy graduation requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Empowering Students

Building confidence through CORE Value exploration, understanding their unique personal brand, while learning best networking and interviewing techniques!

Schooling Tools

Having homeschooled, tried private and public school, I’ve learned there is no perfect choice.  There are pro’s and con’s and struggles with every option.

However a parent chooses to educate their child/ren, using the right resources for each student, aids the learning in all the best ways; building a connected relationship along the way.

My parent- led financial and career development resources are meant to help guide your conversations and learning for your child/ren.

There is nothing I want more than a connection to my boys as they continue to learn and grow. My tools aim to help you, and your student specifically within finances and career development.

Who Is This Community For?

Parents… maybe your  student is struggling with figuring out next steps post high school or college,we’re here for you!

Maybe your young adult is struggling with finances, or how to network, maybe they get hung up at the interview phase.. or not even sure how to get an interview, or where to look for a job… you are trying your best to help. Let partner for your student’s success!

Meet: Elisabeth Aragon

Chalkboard Financial Founder | Student Financial and Growth Advocate

Having gone from mountains of student loan debt and navigating personal finances without any guidance, my pain became my passion and I founded Chalkboard Financial (a PA nonprofit est. 2019)  whose mission was to empower high school students with financial education. 

As life changes, and 4 boys later, I’m  bringing years of teaching, curricula planning and development  to you and your student with our carefully curated activities, guides and resources.


My son appeared lazy to me. I couldn’t connect with him and our relationship was suffering because I didn’t feel equipped to guide. Elisabeth’s Confused to Confident Student Guide really helped both my son overcome his struggles and I reconnected because I learned a new way to help him. THANK YOU!



After my daughter worked through Elisabeth’s Confused to Confident Student Guide, she had a new vision for her next steps in life beyond school!  Her confidence in herself and her chosen path for a career was amazing to watch grow!!

Can’t recommend this enough!!!